10 Personality Traits That Hold People Back

Many people aspire to great things, especially when it comes to attaining success in business and attaining financial freedom. But while many try to reach new heights very few actually make it.

When you think about it, everyone has the same access to information available on the internet. For example, you can learn any skill you want to learn by watching YouTube videos or purchasing an online course. But very few people who actually decide to start an online business actually take the necessary action to succeed.


The answer can be found in a booklet written by Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell. In it, he highlights 10 personality traits about why people fail. He had spent a lot of time thinking about why the majority of those who purchased his online business program failed t make any money and came up with these reasons.

See if you identify any of them in your own actions.

  1. The Blame-Caster
  2. The Cynic
  3. Get Rich Quick Mentality
  4. The Entitled
  5. The Envious
  6. The IQ-Challenged
  7. The Liar or Cheater
  8. Nasty – Makes everyone around him sad
  9. The NitPicker
  10. The Quitter

Which one of these describes you. Don’t feel bad if you saw yourself in any of these negative personality traits. It’s actually a good thing. It means you are honest enough to call yourself out.  Neither does it mean that you are doomed to failure. Many successful online business owners had to overcome one or more of these traits.

The key is to be aware of it and know when it’s holding you back so you can get it out of the way.


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