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Arise is a platform that enables individuals to start their own call centers. But is it a legitimate work from home opportunity? I have never worked with Arise but I had the chance to read reviews of those who have. Most people were split down the line.

What is ARISE?

The description on their website is as follows: Arise works with multiple Fortune 500 clients to enable a superior customer experience at a lower total cost of ownership. opportunity is not a job, it’s a business opportunity that requires applicants to pay for training, pay platform fees, register a business name and other things required for a business. This is something to consider if you want to start that kind of business.

According to one user of the platform, you can make decent money if you apply yourself as an independent business owner.

She wrote:

I am a sole proprietor and work through the Arise platform, It is a great revenue opportunity for those willing to apply themselves. There is base pay per hour, and if your stats are good you make more. I worked at the top call center in the country for the company I now take calls for and make 4 more per hour than I did taking calls for same company at the call center, and that isn’t even including the bonus incentives.

You pay for your certification, however it is flexible and 20 hours a week commitment. Some certification courses are only 10 bucks, and some are even free, some are over 150 bucks. The platform usage fee is very low for what they provide. You set your own hours, you make what you put in, and small business owners have to seek their own benefits. This is not a job it is self employment, you are your own boss. Top of the line training, excellent support system when you need help.

Based on my evaluation, they are a Software as a Service platform, but many work-from-home job applicants viewed them as a job opportunity because Arise presents itself as such. But once applicants are in the system, they realize that it is not a job. Because they have to pay for everything without any guarantee that they’ll get hours to work or even get paid.

Those who have employee status are not directly employed to Arise but are subcontractors of Independent business owners, and they also have to pay a monthly fee to Arise.

Their marketing just does not align with what “employees” have to say about them.

Here are some of their expressions:

Arise is only concerned with making themselves money. Their company structure is “we will make money from everyone involved with us”. They take from the people that work under their platform and the employers that contract with them. The pay is low, especially for the matrix you have to adhere to. Not to mention you can’t talk with anyone, all you can do is wait an hour to chat with a person that don’t know anymore than you

One former employee says that their employment was unpredictable and unstable.

Contracts last 3-4 months only and it is not guaranteed your contract will be renewed. $9-12 an hour average- not a good living wage if it’s your only job. No benefits, 1099 contract worker.

Others expressed the same sentiments, saying that it is difficult to get hours during the year.

I enjoy working from home, however, pay is very low for work done. No compensation for loss of scheduled hours when they have technical issues or systems down. Lose additional booking earnings if guests cancels at a later date even after you have made a paid booking.

What you should do?

Apply to Arise if you are interested in starting a call center business but do not have the technical experience needed to set up your own platform, and also if you have enough money to build out that kind of business to become profitable. (If you are looking for other profitable business ideas I can help with that.)

If you are not interested in starting your own business and just need an occasional job, you could work with an Arise Independent Business Owner, but keep in mind that you will be required to pay a monthly fee to Arise from whatever meager earnings you make.

Keep in mind that there are other platforms,  that do not charge workers.

Do you work with Arise? Do you think this review sums up the company or is there more to it. Share your thoughts below in the comments.







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